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The importance of good grocery shopping

There is a kind of food which is both tasty and local. It is the one produced by the farmers near Pisa, who have decided to protect the lands they live in and the people who inhabit them.

Their help is essential for us. Thanks to them, we can offer you the freshness and refinement of a type of Tuscan cuisine based on a short food supply chain.


Since the beginning of our business – almost a century ago – grocery shopping has been a vital part of our job. We have been doing our utmost to choose the best farms and establish close relationships with them. We follow the stages of production, taste their products, envision and then create the pairings you will find on the menu.
At Poldino’s we know where the food comes from and how it is produced. This allows us to choose the tastiness and quality of the healthy food we offer, respecting at the same time the environment around us. 

That is why we joined the Consorzio MENSA.

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Macelleria Morelli Mariano

Cold cuts and cheese


Pasta and grains

Azienda Agricola Enrico Filippi

Luciana - Fauglia (PI)

Pasta dei Miracoli


Sale e pepe

Meat and eggs

Macelleria Morelli Mariano
Azienda Agricola Pampaloni

Fauglia (PI)

Avicola Deri

Nodica (PI)

Macelli di San Miniato

San Miniato Basso (PI)

Mushroom sketch
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